Fans ask the questions with new “Ask the Tribe” feature

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Fans recently took the time to submit questions for their favorite Cleveland Indians players in this week’s version of “Ask the Tribe.” Be sure to follow the Cleveland Indians on Twitter (@Indians) and on Facebook for your chance to submit a question.

Question for Michael Brantley:
What routine do you go through before you go up to bat? – William, Cleveland
I go up to the on-deck circle; I take a couple swings, try to time the pitcher. I separate my hands and my feet and get down in time to make sure that I’m on time. Then I go up to the plate.

Questions for Mark Reynolds:
What kind of car do you drive? – Alex, North Ridgeville
A Ford F-250.

Who on the team has the weirdest habit? – Andrew, Cleveland
Michael Brantley has had the same pair of cleats for three years.

Where did you get the power to hit so well? – Zalen, Madison County, Ohio
I just grew up with it. I was blessed, I guess.

Question for Chris Perez:
What do you think of the comparisons people make of you and the “Wild Thing,” Rick Vaughn? – Chris, Columbus
I think they’re inevitable just because of the position I’m in, but I don’t think they’re based on much. Obviously, if you remember the movie, Vaughn was a starter, and they put him in the bullpen because he couldn’t start. It comes with the territory of being a closer on the Indians; the Indians were in that movie, and I’m the closer. Off the field, I definitely don’t live like that. It’s cool, I go with it. It gets a little annoying sometimes when people ask me to cut my hair like that or come in with the glasses on. It’s cool, though.

Question for Asdrubal Cabrera:
Do you have any pre-game rituals? – Matthew, Lorain
Many [rituals]. I come to the ballpark. I try to be ready, and I go to the training room for a little bit and work out. I go to the cage, get a little BP outside, take a ground ball, and get ready for the game.

Questions for Nick Swisher:
What was it like being on “How I Met Your Mother”? – Anonymous
It was awesome. They have such a well-oiled machine over there. They have [director and producer] Pam [Fryman] running the show over there. She’s the jam. Great cast. Something fun to be a part of.

What is your favorite TV show? – Meg, Cleveland
It would probably have to be Reba, a little old-school Reba.

If you played football, what position would you play? – Alexandra, North Ridgeville
I’d have to be like a strong safety. That’s what I played in high school. I think I’d have a feel for it.

If you could make the same amount of money and do anything except baseball, what would you do? – Brian, Parma
Man, that’s a good question. There’s nothing in the world I like doing as much as what I’m doing right now. Other than my family and baseball, that’s really what I got. Maybe when I retire I’ll find something.

Question for Jason Kipnis:
Besides Cleveland, which park is your favorite one to play in? – Todd, Galion
Either Fenway or St. Louis (Busch Stadium). I think both of them are really nice stadiums with great fans. They’re usually always sellouts, and they’re great atmospheres to play in.

-TribeVibe contributor Megan Golden


Jason Kipnis- Do you have any pets?

Jason Kipnis – What kind of car do you drive?

Michael Brantley- What is your favorite restaurant to eat at in Cleveland?

Nick Swisher- If you could be any movie character who would it be?

Chris Perez-What make of car do you drive?

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