Need advice? Have a pressing question? Ask TERRi!

First, he rode a scooter all over Goodyear.

Then, he kicked off our “Harlem Shake” video with his, uh, best dance moves.

Now, Terry Francona has broadened his horizons into the counseling field, offering players Nick Swisher, Jason Kipnis, Vinnie Pestano and others advice on very serious matters.

It’s Ask TERRi. Enjoy.


Only Francona!!

I LOVE IT……Go Tribe…..This year is your year!!! I guarantee it….You’ll be coming back to this message this October wondering who I am and saying, you said it kid! Then we’ll smile together with the thought of the new National Champion Cleveland Indians as they drive downtown Cleveland making the new king of Cleveland, the Indians!!!

Love ya. Terri. Go tribe. C u soon

Go Terri! Go Tribe!!!!!! Tear’em up! You guys are the best (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) and I absolutely LOVE YOU ALL! Go Tribe! This has been an awesome season! 🙂

lmao funny as hell good to see all the guys in on this wonder why mike bourn didn’t ask terri somethin crazy tho?

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