Harlem Shake: Tribe Town 216 edition

Yes, we’re a little behind on the craze. Sue us. We’ve been a little busy, you know, with Spring Training and all.

We think, though, that the Harlem Shake: Tribe Town 216 edition is worth the wait. On Monday, we teased it with a partial roster; today, we bring you the full video, with, in our humble opinion, the best “Shake” intro of them all.

Hope you enjoy.

–TribeVibe contributor Joel Hammond


Glad to finally see the video, made my day. Which costume is Drew Stubbs in?

When can we get a full list of who was dressed as what? You never know, fans my start dressing like Parrots at the games now!

Nice! Great Bucks gear Swish..

Pingback: Hah!

This gives the vibe of the ’95 tribe, oh this is going to be fun!

Terry’s gots some moves

I like the Harlarm shake Was Nick in it

That was so awesome, I want to marry Terry Francona.

Who’s holding up the cardboard Danica Patrick in the back row LOL!

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They ‘shook’ Swisher out of Harlem. Now I know.

I’m buying in. This team is going to be fun to watch. And with Tito as Manager, they’re gonna be the surprise team this year.

Can’t wait for this season to start. Gonna be a blast!

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