Die-hard Tribe fan serving as Spring Training correspondent for TribeVibe

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The Tribe is happy to announce that for the first time, the club will have a Fan Correspondent in Goodyear, AZ! If you are a Cleveland fan who is also into social media, you’ve probably seen her online or near the sidelines: @ClevelandChick, also known as Traci. She will be covering Spring Training from a fan’s perspective — where to get autographs, how to watch batting practice, what it’s like to travel to other ballparks, and more. Traci also will be fielding your questions in interviews with some notable Cleveland Indians.

She is definitely a die-hard fan, who is also a big fan of Ketchup — “he doesn’t cheat, he improvises.” Traci also won her first 10-speed bicycle at an Indians game: “It was a powder blue Huffy with a denim seat and rainbow stripes.” TribeVibe caught up with this fashionable Cleveland Chick before she heads west to the Cactus League and asked her a few questions:

TV: Have you been to Goodyear/Winter Haven in the past? If so, what was your experience like there?

CC: Going to Spring Training had always been a dream vacation of mine and when the Tribe announced that they were moving to Goodyear, it was a sign. This will be my fifth season going to Goodyear. My experience at Spring Training has been nothing short of fantastic. Let’s face it: palm trees, sunshine, and Tribe baseball … how could you go wrong?

TV: Why do you like to go to Spring Training?

CC: I love the easy-going vibe that surrounds Spring Training. The players are loose and joking around. The ushers are amazing at Goodyear, letting you walk around and take pictures or try to snag autographs. Meeting other fans is a great bonus. Walking into the ballpark, you can’t help but smile seeing all the old-timers decked out in their Tribe gear. Did I mention the sunshine, palm trees and baseball?

TV: Outside of the baseball, what has been your favorite part of Spring Training in the past?

CC: Spring Training is full of baseball fans from all over the country. I follow the Tribe to all of their “away” games, checking out each of the other ballparks. I’m particularly looking forward to the game against the Cubs. Each home park tries to take on the feeling of their team. Goodyear has Stadium Mustard and the Cubs park has red hots and old style. At the last Spring Training game against the Cubs, I saw an entire row of grown men with fuzzy bear ears sewn on their hats.

TV: What are you looking forward to the most this year?

CC: I’m looking forward to meeting the players, getting some autographs and watching Tribe baseball. More importantly though, I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my dad. A few years ago after my second trip to Goodyear, my dad told me going to Spring Training had always been his dream. So, this year, my dad is my travel buddy. After all the Indians games he took me to as a little girl, I had to do this for him.

Check back next week as Traci begins her journey!


— TribeVibe contributor Courtney Shilling

Traci, a Cleveland native, blogs independently at www.HappinessIsaHotPierogi.com and is in Goodyear this spring and writing about the Indians for TribeVibe. The Indians are not compensating her for her coverage, nor did they fund her travel. You can follow all of Traci’s Spring Training adventure on Twitter at @ClevelandChick and of course, here on TribeVibe.


Great stuff can’t wait to see more

I love Cleveland Chick and can’t wait for her reports!

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