Last-minute Super Bowl predictions from the Tribe*

(*Friendly disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only, of course!)

While you may be used to only seeing your Tribe at the ballpark, these guys keep their eyes on the gridiron too. TribeVibe caught up with some of your favorite Indians to see who they predict will win and what they think the final score will be on Super Bowl Sunday:


Indians reliever Vinnie Pestano also chimed in, but picked neither actual participant. His response: “Ditka by a score of 126-3 on account of Ditka spraining his ankle in the third quarter,” a nod to the classic “Saturday Night Live” sketch featuring the “Super Fans,” a group of middle-aged Chicago residents obsessed with “Da Bears,” “Da Bulls,” and Mike Ditka.

No word on what their favorite commercial, food or prop bets are, but be sure to follow them on Twitter to keep up with their thoughts on the big game!

–TribeVibe contributor Courtney Shilling


niners by 10


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