Trevor Bauer meets with Cleveland media for first time


Newly-acquired pitcher Trevor Bauer, a key piece of the three-team trade with Arizona and Cincinnati last month, met with the Cleveland media for the first time today. He began the Q&A session with his story of how he first heard the trade news: while he was in the middle of eating a Chipotle burrito.

“My agent called and said ‘you were just traded, and we need to talk about some stuff.’ I said, ‘OK, but can I go inside and eat my burrito real quick and get back to you?’ He didn’t let me finish my burrito – I only got through half of it.”

On coming to Cleveland:

I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to come to a city that has very passionate fans, and an organization that I feel is very welcoming, and very excited to have me and really going in the right direction. So it has kind of been a blessing this off-season and I am excited for it.

On what he learned in his time with Arizona:

I think the biggest thing was probably the importance of throwing Strike One, and getting into advantage counts, attacking hitters and putting pressure on the hitters to swing the bat. The one start that I had the best success, I was ahead in the count all the time, and it just makes pitching a lot easier.

On his unique warm-up routine and pitching style:

I think I’m an exciting player to watch because the things I do are a little bit different…I throw the ball far [in warm-ups – see here for an example] – that’s one of them. I wave a black rod around, which not many people do, so that’s a little different. My first warm-up pitch of every inning I do a crow-hop on the mound and throw as hard as I can to get in the feel of being aggressive. My mechanics are slightly different – it’s a little bit more of an aggressive delivery than a lot of the other deliveries out there right now. So it’s just little things, little differences, that make me fun to watch – I hope, anyway.

On the purpose of his unique routine:

It’s designed to prevent injury. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you can’t stay healthy and on the field, then it does you absolutely no good. My first and foremost goal is to be durable and that’s the only way you can actually increase your talent.

On meeting and playing for Terry Francona:

He seems really welcoming and open-minded and really just a pleasure to talk to, which is still kind of surreal for me. I watched baseball growing up and remember Terry Francona managing the Red Sox and they win a World Series and now I’m sitting here shooting the breeze with him – it’s kind of a cool moment for me.

On potentially making the Major League team:

Everybody wants to be part of the major league team, and I’m no different in that aspect, but I really try to focus on the things I can control, and the only thing I can control is getting better. I’m young still (ed. Note: Bauer turns 22 next week). Sometimes I don’t feel very young, but I am young, and if I get too caught up in: ‘am I in the big leagues? Am I not in the big leagues’ then it doesn’t do me any good, and I get distracted from what I should be focusing on, which is building up and improving myself, so I can pitch for a long time, which is what I want to do.

— TribeVibe Contributor Max Lom



Okay Trevor we’re ready for you! Go an kick some Major League Arss!

Go Trevor!

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