Indians team President Mark Shapiro sits down with

Cleveland Indians President Mark Shapiro sat down recently with Pat McManamon of for an extended interview covering topics ranging from the club’s future plans to his own beginnings in baseball to his transition from General Manager to team President.

An excerpt from the interview is below, and you can read it in its entirety at

Question: Talk about these two years as president after so many years as a GM.

Answer: There’s not a day I don’t feel fortunate to have a job like this. Adding the business component in has been an incredible amount to learn. So two years in, I feel like I’ve learned a tremendous amount new about the business of baseball. Adding that to my experiences of my operation on the field has given me a pretty global perspective of the business of the game in Major League Baseball. To sit here at 45 years old and now I have a much more detailed understanding of the business side and the Major League Baseball function and the commissioner’s office as well as the on-field, I feel very fortunate to have that perspective.

Q: What one or two things were the most challenging to learn as you made the transition?

Click Here for the full transcript of the interview.


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