Players discuss their off-season plans – Part Two

In the second part of the off-season feature, TribeVibe spoke to several of the Tribe’s young hitters about their plans for the winter. (Part One – Pitchers). Second baseman Jason Kipnis, center fielder Michael Brantley, and Third Basemen Lonnie Chisenhall each described their winter preparations as they look to take another step forward next season:

Jason Kipnis

TribeVibe: What are you planning on doing now that the season had ended?

JK: Not too much – right after the season ends, I’m sure I’ll take about a month or so to kind of kick the feet up and recover and relax and clear the mind. And then get right back in to things, and start lifting again, and start swinging the bat, and getting ready for next year.

TV: How do you transition from vacation back to baseball mode?

JK: I don’t rush things. I gradually work back in to working out, but once I get into it, it’s pretty good training – about five days a week with swimming and yoga and all that good stuff – whatever gets the body ready.

TV: Do you spend the off-season at home?

JK: Yes, I’ll be in Chicago for that, probably until about the first week of January, and then I’ll head out to AZ, and get a little head start out there.

Michael Brantley

TV: What are you planning for this off-season?

MB: My plan this off-season is to get as much fishing in as I can. That’s my get-away, I love to fish. I go to Sebastian Inlet. It’s a place in Florida with great fishing, and I go up there as much as I can, I can say that.

TV: Is there any type of fishing you like the best?

MB: I love Flounder fishing. That’s one of my favorite things. Me and my father do a lot of it over the course of November and it’s just like a father son thing. It’s awesome.

TV: Do you train while you’re down in Florida as well?

MB: Yeah, I do all my training down in Florida. That’s what I’ve been doing my entire career, and it’s been working out for me.

TV: As far as training – do you expect to have similar preparations this year?

MB: Yeah, I always go through the same routine. I try to keep it as consistent as possible. I probably hit a little more than the average person in the off-season, but at the same time that’s just what works for me. I don’t do anything out of the ordinary from a training standpoint. I just try to stay consistent with my workload, and go out there, and be ready for Spring Training.

Lonnie Chisenhall

TV: What will you do to continue working on the forearm you injured during the 2012 season?

LC: You know, just strengthening in general, making sure I’m focusing on grip strength, forearm flexibility – things like that. Making sure I get a little more functional movement from my forearms in my workouts.

TV: How much will you alter your off-season workout regimen from previous seasons?

LC: Zero [different in off-season workout]. I’m going to change up the way I do my vacation. I’d say that’s about it. I’m going to try to get in the weight room the same time. I felt strong and comfortable coming in to Spring Training last year, so I’m going to try to repeat that.

— TribeVibe contributor Max Lom

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