Players discuss their off-season plans – Part One

After eight months of baseball, from the beginning of Spring Training in February to the end of the season last week, Indians players headed home to get some rest, and begin preparing already for the 2013 season. Each player has his own routine to prepare for next season, and TribeVibe caught up with a number of Indians players before they departed the clubhouse for the off-season.

In part one of the off-season feature, TribeVibe spoke to several pitchers about their plans this winter:

Vinnie Pestano

TribeVibe: How long will you take before you begin preparing for next season?

VP: Usually every year I give myself about a month to rest and relax, but it’s usually only about two or three weeks until I get bored enough to get back in there. Any more than that and I already feel like I’m starting to cheat myself for next season. So probably two-and-a-half or three weeks, right around the time the World Series gets going, is usually when I start working out again.

TV: Where do you do most of your off-season training?

VP: I live in Goodyear (AZ), and this is my fourth off-season out there. The facility out there is open year-round so that’s where I train and work out and get my work in.

TV: Do you expect your routine to change a lot this winter compared to previous years?

VP: No, I mean every year you’ve got different stuff to work on and different stuff to do better, so each year kind of brings to light more and more things. So this year, I’ll go and work on the stuff that I thought was a weakness of mine this past season, and try and make sure that I’m better going into next year than I was going in to last year.

Zach McAllister

TV: What are your plans for the winter now that the season has ended?

ZM: Just kind of relax, be able to hang out with my family, and see some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. And then get back into work outs and get ready for next season. I really don’t do a whole lot – I just kind of relax and I enjoy working out, so that’s just what I do in the winter.

TV: Do you have a specific training regimen that you follow?

ZM: I have a trainer that I go to that I’ve gone to for years. He’s from my same area that I’m from (Central Illinois), so I’m able to stay in my area and do what I need to.

TV: Are you going to stay consistent in your approach to the off-season after your first full season in the Majors?

ZM: Yeah, [I will] definitely keep a similar routine. It’s worked for me in the past, and I like to be as consistent as I can, and that’s one area that definitely helps me out, and that’s being consistent in my workouts and preparing for Spring Training and the new season.

Esmil Rogers

TV: What are your plans to begin the off-season?

I’m just going to go home and rest. Right now I just want some time with my family, and go over there to rest, and see how I’m going to start to play Winter ball.

TV: Does playing in Winter League change your preparation at all?

It’s not going to be different. Every year, just going home and spending time with my family and hanging out with my friends, and when it’s time for work, it’s time for work. I’m going to try to start playing winter ball in December, so I’ll have to start working again in November.

— TribeVibe contributor Max Lom

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