Bullpen Mafia: Daily Visit to Dorothy’s Diner

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The Bullpen Mafia traditionally stops by Dorothy’s Diner, a small concession stand located on the service level of Progressive Field, prior to every home game. The members of the bullpen, led by Tony Sipp, ride a cart to the bullpen and stop to visit Dorothy on the way. TribeVibe chatted with Sipp, Joe Smith, and Dorothy to hear about the daily visit.

Sipp: It just started out as something fun, turned into routine. [We] sit back, just feel good going out on the field every day. I don’t think she has a care in the world; it seems like she’s always in a good mood. We just try to get some of that, get some of her presence. We get the candy every day. I don’t know, we probably eat one or two pieces. We feel like we need that when she’s not here. She missed it twice for her dad’s funeral, and it was like, ‘Aw, what are we going to do?’ We felt lost. It has just turned into a routine and a feel-good moment. It seems like it’s mutual; if not, she’s full of it, she’s a good actor.

Smith: She’s one of us. She’s like our bullpen mother. She makes our day. Dorothy is there to give us candy and tell us to get our stuff together and get going. She tells us, ‘Open up that can, baby.’

Dorothy: It makes you feel kind of important. They are really friendly, really nice fellas, but sometimes they can act like little kids. I give them candy every day, so we laugh and joke. Every now and then, one will want a hot dog or brat. That’s very seldom; they eat good down there [in the Indians Clubhouse]. Tony Sipp will start whistling; he gives a long whistle the whole time they ride down here, until they get to me, and I stop them real slow. They stop, get their candy, and carry on. They get a big laugh out of me, when I tell them, ‘Get out there and open up that can.’

-Megan Golden, TribeVibe contributor


That’s my mom, always their to inspire. Love you mom!


Typo. She’ll never forgive me. Correction: That’s my mom, always there to inspire. Love you mom!


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