2012 Cleveland Indians Youth Camp

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Young baseball players and Indians fans took the field for the 2012 Indians Youth Camp at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin School in Chardon, Ohio, on Thursday.

The camp is being run by Ace Baseball, the youth program provider for the Cleveland Indians. Camp instructors teach the fundamentals of throwing, hitting, fielding, and base-running, emphasizing the importance of learning at a young age.

“Our main goal is to create a baseball experience where they can have some fun but learn some fundamentals,” Ace owner Neal Packanik said. “Every day when we come out to our camp, we try to get them moving, see their athletic ability with some dynamic stretching, and we break them into different stations.”

Packanik said they use words like “hamburger” to teach the young kids how to stay in front of groundballs and keep their glove on the ground.

“With the younger age groups, obviously we want to make sure we are giving them smaller chunks of information, keeping them moving, [keeping] their interest,” he said. “We are having some fun, teaching them things they can apply to their skill level.”

Camp participant Ben Richardson, a freshman at NDCL, said he is improving his fielding at camp.

“This year, they’re teaching us how to throw on the run and make athletic plays in the infield. Learning the mechanics of throwing should help out our game,” Richardson said. “I love baseball, and I love to get better at baseball.”

It is not too late to sign up for upcoming summer camps. Remaining locations for 2012 camps include Strongsville, Mayfield Heights, Sandusky, and Streetsboro. Fans can register for 2012 Indians Youth Camps on Indians.com.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to come out, be active. There’s still time for them to learn, to improve, and take things with them,” Packanik said. “This is a great way to keep your young son or daughter active with a few weeks of summer left and continue your passion for the Indians.”

-Megan Golden, TribeVibe contributor

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These kids better be careful; they get too good the Indians front office may send them to the Pirates or Yankees youth camps for 6 five year olds, a bucket of balls and a bat girl to be named later.

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