15 Questions with Tony Sipp

Indians relief pitcher Tony Sipp has allowed just one run on three hits in his last 11 appearances (7.2 IP). Sipp recently sat down with TribeVibe and answered “15 Questions.”

TribeVibe: Did Santa leave the gifts under the tree wrapped or unwrapped?
Tony Sipp: Wrapped; I think everyone’s are wrapped.

TV: If the ice cream truck comes down the street, what do you buy?
TS: Either strawberry shortcake or the fire bomb.

TV: What is one perk of being on the Cleveland Indians as opposed to other teams?
TS: You can still go to Wal-Mart, and no one will recognize you.

TV: What is the last book you read?
TS: The last book I read? It’s been a minute. I read Obama’s book before he was President to see what I was getting myself into. That’s the last one. It’s been a while.

TV: Who is someone who you would like to meet in person?
TS: Lil Wayne or Rick Ross.

TV: What is your least favorite errand to run?
TS: I really hate grocery shopping.

TV: What was the last movie you saw?
TS: The Town.

TV: Why did you choose to wear number 49?
TS: My granddad died at 94 [years], so I just switched it.

TV: What sports did you play in high school?
TS: Football, basketball, baseball, and tennis.

TV: If you go to a restaurant for breakfast, what do you order?
TS: I’m usually an omelet guy — an omelet [and] pancakes.

TV: What is the best advice a teammate has ever given you?
TS: Sometimes less is more. [Indians pitching coach] Scott Radinsky [told me]. He’s actually not a teammate, just a coach.

TV: If you had to choose one of the following words to describe you, which would you choose: humorous, organized, or patient?
TS: Patient.

TV: Who has it easiest: oldest child, middle child, youngest child, or only child?
TS: Only child.

TV: What do you think of “the wave” that the fans do during the game?
TS: I don’t mind it. I think it’s pretty cool. If it’s your first game, it’s something different. You can interact with the crowd.

TV: What is your favorite board game?
TS: Monopoly.

-Megan Golden, TribeVibe contributor

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