Quick Hits with Sandy Alomar

Bench Coach Sandy Alomar sat down with our Jim Rosenhaus recently and discussed his new role on Manny Acta’s coaching staff.  Sandy spent the previous two seasons coaching first base and instructing the Tribe’s catchers. Here is what he had to say:

Sandy, with your new position, how has it been different for you now that the regular season has begun as opposed to spring training?
“During the season you can focus in more on the game. During spring training it is difficult with the volume of players and you have to make sure you are tracking who is in the game, not in the game or coming into the game. During the season it is just 25 guys and I am following Manny’s managerial style, giving him suggestions, and when he asks me a question you have to be ready.  Being second in command, it’s important to be aware of the situation on the moves he needs to make.”

How much back and forth is there with you and Manny, especially late in the close games we have been playing?
“Well there is a lot of back and forth between Scott Radinsky (Pitching Coach), we are talking about defensive moves late in the game, specifically Cunningham in for Duncan, and the defensive aspects of the game. Manny has been solid at making up his mind and if he has questions he asks them. You just have to be ready for the answer.”

You had to manage a game recently in Kansas City (April 14), is that where that preparation comes into play?
“Definitely, you have to be aware if a player gets thrown out and be ready to manage in a similar pattern that [Manny] does. That day in KC, I pretty much managed the way he had been based on the match-ups that we had and prepare yourself the way he would have wanted based on how the game was unfolding. If you have a gut feeling things aren’t going to work you do it the way you want to based on feel.”


Love Sandy! I know he’s going to be a great manager some day.

Could you go over the lineup card one time with one of the coaches? What do the different colors mean for players? What do the different symbols mean next to their name during the game? Thanks!

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